Event Design International is a professional event management and event marketing company that focuses on providing a full range of creative and logistical event and meeting services, and serving in an professional advisory role to help you and your organization meet your business objectives. You select the nature and level of service that complement your in-house resources and budget  EDI helps organizations build relationships with customers, prospects and employees through meaningful events.

Our professional services are broken down into three broad categories:


Event Planning, Design & Production


EDI utilizes a variety of resources to plan, design and produce your event. The process begins with understanding your event or meeting objectives. This understanding serves as the stimuli for creativity. Setting the stage for building brand awareness is depicted and presented to you with the aid of our 3D design software. With this powerful tool we are able to collaborate with you to create a completed design plan that will build brand recognition and accelerate the sales cycle. 
The design plan may call for a number of different design resources including fabric, floral, sculpture, fabricated props and special effects to name a few. Technical resources may be called upon like lighting design and audio/visual. Please review our portfolio below for examples.
Our creative script writing staff is available to be included in the event plan as well. And of course EDI is also available for entertainment and keynote speaker bookings as well as event photography.


Event Marketing


What percentage of your sales come from repeat business versus first-time customers? Consider how much you spend for customer acquisition versus customer retention. If you are like most organizations there is an significant disparity between these numbers.  With advent of social media, your customers, now more than ever, have the power to drive new first-time customers to your organization through their testimonials and recommendations. It seems appropriate to consider reshaping marketing and sales strategies to refocus more attention on your current customers and all the associates that collectively support your customers. Your customers and associates are your organization’s greatest assets!
Event Design International works with organizations to build relationships with customers, associates and prospects through meaningful events.  Incorporating meaningful events into your strategy is an excellent way to build those relationships.Meaningful events allow for your customer, and prospects to communicate one-to-one with people in your organization who are knowledgeable, who can provide solutions, can offer advise or be a sounding board for new ideas. This cannot be accomplished with sales promotions, web marketing, direct mail, print or broadcast advertising. According to MPI Foundation’s “Event View 2009” a survey of 920 marketing managers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Event Marketing is the marketing element that provides the greatest return on investment.
EDI will work in partnership with you to promote brand awareness with the various intellectual and design resources we have available, as well as our years of experience. We will help you build relationships with customers, prospects and associates through meaningful events.



    •    Destination Site Selection
    •    Vendor Negotiation and Mgt.
    •    Conference Website Development
    •    Conference and Hotel Registration
    •    Travel Registration
    •    Shuttle and Transportation
    •    Services Specialty Tours
    •    Green Meeting Provisions
    •    Team Building
    •    Keynote Speaker Services
    •    Event Photography


With your goals and objectives understood and the program purpose defined, EDI carries out the planning, design and execution of your program in a seamless fashion. Whether your intention is to educate, motivate, promote or reward, your message to participants is delivered with inspiration. Utilizing our years of experience and available resources, our broad range of services allows you to accomplish the program goals and objectives while maximizing the return on your investment. Our meetings, conferences, and trade-shows management services are provided in both the real and virtual worlds.



Green Meetings

As a member of the Green Meeting Industry Council we have pledged to support meetings and events that balance environmental, economic, and community goals by adopting practices that minimize environmental impacts and to promote sustainability by meeting the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
We stand ready to advise you on many environmentally friendly steps you can take for your event which will reduce overall event costs as well. Many of the green meeting actions are simple to implement and many of them you may have already implemented (i.e. providing onsite recycling for paper, glass, plastic and aluminum cans). However there are many more green meeting practices we can assist you with implementing at your next event.