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Event Design International (EDI) provides services in Event Marketing/ Experimental Marketing, Event Design and Production, and Virtual & Destination Meeting Management. Event Design International helps companies build brands, sales and success by creating inspiring meetings and events.


Event Marketing provides the forum to build relationships with customers, prospects, partners and employees.  It provides the greatest opportunity for direct, in-person, face-to-face contact and it provides the best opportunity to reach a target audience.  With face-to-face interaction you have the opportunity to penetrate the market, build brand recognition, differentiate from the competition, as well as educate and train employees.  With inspiring events you can accomplish the ultimate objective of extending your brand and shortening the sales cycle.

Confucius said…… “Tell me and I will forget.  Show me and I will remember.  Involve me and I will understand.”

By involving your customer, prospect, or employee the event enables them to communicate one-to-one with someone in your organization whi is knowledgeable, who can provide solutions, can offer advice or be someone to bounce ideas off of.  This cannot be accomplished with sales promotions, web marketing, direct mail, print or broadcast advertising.  According to MPI Foundation’s “Event View 2009” a survey of over 900 marketing managers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Event Marketing is the marketing element that provides the greatest return on investment.

With EDI we will work in partnership with you to promote brand awareness with the various intellectual and design resources we have available as well as our many years of experience.  We will help you build brands, sales and success by creating inspiring events.


How do we make an event inspiring?  We do it with creativity in design and experience in implementation.  It starts with an understanding of your event objectives.  Our initial response comes in the form of a plan and decor renderings.  The plan and illustrations allow the collaborative effort between you and us to begin.

The implementation of the plan and design concepts are managed in detail with a constant eye on the budget.  A variety of design resources are available to create the inspiration; floral, fabric, lighting, sculpture special effects to name a few.  Fabric includes ceiling and wall draping, linens and chair covers.

Virtual & Destination Meeting Management

Event Design International provides turnkey meeting and conference services including destination site selection.  With offices in the Midwest, Southwest and West coast regions of the country we are able to provide an rapid and efficient site selection service, as well as vendor selection, negotiation and management. Our staff of professionals can development your conference web site to create the anticipated excitement of the upcoming conference and handle the logistics of hotel and conference registration, travel reservations, and shuttle services so you can focus on conference content.  Our experience and research will shine through as we will arrange the most entertaining tours of the region, book the most meaningful speakers and plan unique team building activities which increase teamwork, improve leadership skills, negotiation skills, and communication skills.   As a member of the Green Meeting Industry Council we have pledged to support meetings and events that balance environmental, economic, and community goals by adopting practices that minimize environmental impacts and to promote sustainability by meeting the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In today’s environment Virtual Meetings and Events are making a lot of sense.  In addition to cost savings which can be as much as 70 to 90% less than in-person meetings, you don’t have all the security, weather and travel issues to contend with.  And there is no carbon footprint.  EDI has sharpened its focus on its Virtual Meeting Management in order to help our clients make their companies more economical, help the entire global community go “green”, and find more creative and cutting edge ways to keep your clients and employees excited.


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