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December, 2017:

Excerpt From My Interview With the World’s #1 Planner

A couple of months ago, before the holiday rush would begin, I sat down with undoubtedly the number one event planner in the world. His annual event has become so successful his personal brand is recognized around the world. He is known by various aliases around the world but here in the U.S. he is affectionately known as Santa Claus. The celebration of Christmas is by every measure the largest global event of the year. I had to know how he has pulled it off for so many years.   Santa agreed to share his secrets as long as I came to visit him at his tropical vacation hide away. As you can see from the accompanying photo it was tough duty but I begrudgingly agreed. Below is an excerpt from my interview with Santa:


EDI – Santa, Christmas is the largest annual event in the world with approximately 2.5 billion people celebrating the religious holiday; that is one out of every three people in the world wide population. How do you do it? How do you plan and produce an event that attracts so many participants?


SANTA – (Ho, Ho, Ho!) Just like many of events you work on, Christmas is an event that would take place whether Santa Claus, the planner, is involved in or not. Christians around the world have been celebrating the birth of Christ for two thousand and seventeen years. Through that celebration the spirit of Christmas has evolved with expressions of love, hope and goodwill to man. I have come along and promoted the spirit of Christmas with emphasis on giving. The giving of love, hope and goodwill to man through gestures, like gifts, good works, greetings and participation in social gatherings. I have been working at this for a long time, hundreds of years myself, and a couple of things have been critical to          the celebration’s success. First and foremost, I have had plenty of help along the way and I don’t just mean Mrs. Claus, the elves and reindeer. Each year billions of people around the world are inspired by the spirit of Christmas and are committed to delivering the expressions of love, hope and peace. Second, I  made sure I understood the event objective and that I could be committed to it.  Your commitment will, in turn, foster belief and commitment from helpers. If  everyone believes, the event’s success is more likely than if it is viewed as an obligation. Finally, do your advance planning. Speaking of which, (Santa looks at his watch) I have a plane to fly.  Mrs. Claus and I have to head back North.  Ho, Ho, Ho! If I don’t see you at the mall have a great Christmas!


EDI – Thanks, Santa (trotting from the beach up to the house)! These are certainly good thoughts as we plan our upcoming holiday events. You and Mrs. Claus have a wonderful Christmas!


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